Chasin My Fit: BANANAS!

The last couple weeks have been bananas!  Between school, getting ready for Disney and the snow, I’ve been going on warp speed.  Not to mention I was trying to heal a tendon, shin issues and a hip flexor thing before the runs! I have an entire runDisney blog in the works about the whole experience […]

Chasing my fit: Makeover time…but not for me.

Injury has hit.  I was hoping that it wouldn’t but it did.  And it’s my own fault.  It’s always easy to give advice but not take it right?  Here I am telling people that good shoes are the world and I was holding up being fitted knowing that I have little to no arches.  Well […]

Chasing My Fit: Oh yes I did!

The search for the runDisney outfit is in full force! For the Disney Princess Half… My little Lillipie has decided that I need to be Ariel so at least the search has direction!  I’ve been making my way through pinterest and here’s some of the ones that I love.  I think I’m going to have […]

Chasing my fit: Ending 2013

I was able to end 2013 how I started it…running!  What a journey this year has been!  In the mind frame of half marathon training, I discovered I was pregnant with my little Hannah.  Pushing through the morning sickness to keep on.  Determined to still complete my goals (with doctor approval of course).  We ran […]

Chasing My Fit: like WHOA

Whoa…so I was trying to find a Christmas present I misplaced in the closet and stumbled upon my old jeans.  They were the jeans that I bought after Isabel was born in January 2012 because my other pants were too tight.  Old Navy stretch size 16 and I was busting out of them so it’s […]

Chasing My Fit: ROAR!

I’ve been paying a little less attention to my weight fluctuation as of late. I started marathon training and I’ve been noticing increases for no “bad” reason. Honestly, I think my body is back into a big muscle building mode. Seriously though…I’m not too concerned with it! My body is making progress and I’m confident […]

Chasing my fit: Dropping the pregnancy weight

It’s time to drop the pregnancy weight changes in the blogs.  Why you ask?  I have gotten below the pre-pregnancy weight…now onto big and better!  I’ve, also, added back some important numbers.  It’s all about accountability.  I need this for me and in the process I hope that I am making someone else’s journey a […]

Chasing my fit: “Mommy & Daddy” runners

Had some family running fun this weekend!  We went out to the Semper Fit Grand Prix’s Hampstead Kiwanis Turkey Trot 8K.  Aiden and Lilli were dressed to run in case they wanted to hop out of the strollers.  Well guess what?  They did alright!  Aiden, my 5 year old boy, ran about 2.5 miles of […]

Chasing my Fit: NSV’s are the best!

Major NSV (non-scale victory) this week…back into my high school jeans.  Ok ok ok…it’s the “fat” pair but hey!  It’s a start!  The last time I wore them was in high school and then again briefly in 2002 (the major clubbing year).  They were a pretty big deal to me though.  I never believed that […]