Word-filled Wednesday: Our world of social media

I have noticed more over the last two years in my own mental re-configuring of how I want to share my little life here that what we once knew of the classic relationship bonds are gone.  The replacement, social media, has definitely increased everyone’s level of interaction but at what cost?  We friend/follow/subscribe to our family members, […]

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

I remember first watching The truth about cats & dogs. I couldn’t help but relate to Jeanne Garofalo’s character.  All of us women are not made to look like the women displayed in the magazines.  We come in different shapes and sizes.  Our outsides are as different as our insides, but we all have the […]

I’m thankful for… Part Two

6.  I am thankful for such a great family whether it was through blood or marriage. 7.  I am thankful that my children have amazing Nanny that spoils them with love, attention and pajamas (Just for you Jamie!) 8.  I am thankful for an amazing group of friends that I have made through the years. […]