Zig Zagging It! DIY: Painting Zig Zags

Apparently I didn’t get my fill after painting the stripes in the girls’ room.  Well that and Aiden really wanted a dinosaur stripe.  Did you know that chevrons are like dinosaurs because that’s news to me lol?  So here goes. Buy a laser line level.  Yes, they are a little expensive but if you are […]

Neatly hung pictures hold the extra holes!

This was most definitely worth the extra step. Trace out the pictures onto drawing paper from the kids easel Hang using the painters tape (to not pull up any paint) Find the positioning that you enjoy the most Mark where the holes need to go on the paper for easy drilling or nailing Rip away […]

Feelin Stripey DIY: Painting Stripes

Not sure why I felt the need for this…I think it probably had to do with years of renting and not being able to paint at all! Overall this wasn’t as hard of a project as I originally expected it to be.  I went through and measured a test section to decide on how big […]

DIY: One Day Wall Decor

Wall Decor This one is so unique up on the wall with all of our other pictures.  Seriously…it took me about 5 minutes and absolutely no money spent. Old 8×10 frame Word Document (Used Stencil & Imprint MT Shadow fonts) That’s it.

DIY Hands Down

Father’s Day I know it’s still a little ways off but when we sat down to do Aiden’s handprint picture for his mom mom I figured no sense in letting a good mess go to waste! I found this one on pinterest. These are so simple and cheap but priceless at the same time. http://la-lashomedaycare.blogspot.com/2011/06/fathers-day-2011-hes-best-dad-hands.html […]

DIY Handprint Flowers

It’s been a little while since I was able to sit down and do a crafty time with the kidlets, but if you don’t make time, before you know it they are going to be too old to want to! Aiden absolutely loves doing these paintings. He’s at the point now that he wants to […]

Face Time & Monogrammed Art

And we finally were able to see a little more of Baby Isabel’s beautiful little face!  Not to mention this was Daddy’s first time being there for an actual medical ultrasound.  He’s only been able to attend one prior but it was one we had to setup separate during my pregnancy with Lilli for a […]