Letters to you: 29 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… The last two weeks have been exciting! We got the chance to see your sweet face and count those fingers & toes. The doctor said that we are doing great and right on schedule!  I really wonder what schedule they mean though.  Your brother and 2 sisters all believed their […]

Letters to you: 27 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… Well Hannah, you are definitely becoming more and more active in there.  You seem to enjoy our walking and running.  The swaying motion must be relaxing you, but when I sit down to take my rest it’s your turn to get to moving again! Daddy and I picked up your […]

Letters to you: 25 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… These last two weeks have been some of the best…well except for the sleeping little missy!  We’ve been able to have a little bit of alone time with Daddy and Izzy while Aiden & Lilli enjoyed the beach with Nanny. There hasn’t been much going on except for the stocking […]

Letters to you: 21 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… These last two weeks were pretty exciting for us as a family! First, we got to hear that you are growing and healthy!  Daddy, bubby and big sissy didn’t come with Izzy and I to the ultrasound.  You were a happy little thing wiggling around.  When you were caught face […]

Our Gender Reveal!!!

  Ahh!  These pictures came out so fantastic!  It sure was a lot of planning to get everything ready in one day but I would not be able to keep the secret any longer.  Izzy and I did not tell anyone besides the photographer!   During the week leading up to this, I did a variety […]

Letters to you: 19 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… This next week is big for us!  We have the half marathon to run on Sunday, the anatomy ultrasound on Tuesday and the gender reveal photography session Tuesday night for Daddy & your siblings to find out!  Honestly, I don’t know which I am more excited for. On one hand, […]