Working on our financial fitness

I recently finished reading the Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I’m proud to say that this house is totally on board with it! We are not doing bad but we could always being doing better right? Knowing and hearing things the way he put it definitely reached me. I do think though that I was […]

This Week’s Instagrammy!

Definitely had to be this one!  My little kidlets decided to pull over their step stool, climb on the counter, eat an apple and watch Lazy Town through the reflection on the microwave door.  I would say only my kids…but this time…they are just like me!  AHHH!

DIY Heart Collage

Heart Collage Here it is…  The reason I needed to find 23 black picture frames.   When I was staring at this wall that was across from my bed I couldn’t quite grasp what should be there.  My husband and I tried hanging a handful of different pictures of different sizes and nothing was working. […]