A girl and her planner: New Addition

I like pretty things.  I like organizing.  I am doomed.  In the world of planning, they are all pretty. As I posted before…  I have a long list of planners in my house.  Not out of necessity or hoarding.  Last year was the year of adjustment.  After using a little planner I picked up from […]

A girl and her planner

In an effort to ease the anxiety of the chaos…  this last year I moved to a better system, a full planner.  The planners from the stores were nice but they were simply too basic.  I have a lot to juggle and I needed a central place for my everything.  I invested in a beautiful […]

Closet help is here!!! DIY: Closet Separators

Closet help is here!!! I know that I am not the only person out there that totally feels overwhelmed by the first two years of baby clothes.  Whether its all the sale hunting, passing down from an older sibling or grandparent’s shopping sprees…there’s a crazy amount of clothes EVERYWHERE!  And with every child growing at […]