My First Marathon Story: OBX Marathon 2014

  This is how my morning started.  I couldn’t sleep passed 5:00 am and that was pushing it!  All night long I was sleeping and not sleeping.  I went to bed at about 9;30 or 10 pm and tossed & turned.  Tried to force it BUT that meant up at 11:30, 1 am, 2:30 am […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: Matchstick? Long & Lean? Me?

Here I am!  Post-marathon and feeling awesome! While I was out in Outer Banks, I had the chance to stop by the Tanger Outlets and see if there was anything I’ve been trying to figure was good for me to order.  I’ve been struggling lately with clothing my fitter body.  People look at me like […]

ZERO Miles to Marathon

So…  Hmm…  What to say.  What to say.  How about… AHHHHHHHH! Since that’s done, allow me to continue on with my game plan.  I’m a first time marathoner so really I’m meshing and molding together things I am hearing from everywhere.  Most importantly…the runner’s suitcase!  Marathon Packing List Marathon Training Program: Packing List What to […]

17 Miles to Marathon

Enter in…  FREAK OUT! If you haven’t noticed by now, I am an anxious planner.  I like to plan and organize.  It gives me a A-Team “I love it when a plan comes together” moment when I am reaching THE moment BUT so does the anxiety. I know things come up…  I have my own […]

79 Miles to Marathon

  We’ve begun to ready the approach.  This is it.  It’s the 20 mile run ahead.  The last hurtle on the road to the big day.  I wish I could explain what is going through my head with this process without sounding insane.  This entire training has been the past 14 weeks of my life. […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: Why Hello PR!

Not Puerto Rico…I wish!  I hit a huge personal record.  Kinda giving myself an MVP for the year.  Okay yes yes yes…I’m the only one playing but that means I can also give whatever titles I want to myself!  This last weekend was the Marine Corps Half Marathon.  I had missed the chance last year […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: One year since baby

It’s been a year…a whole year already!  I look at my baby girl and I am in total denial.  I look at me in the mirror and I’m in total denial.  THEN I look at a comparison picture and I am in shock.  Yes, I was swollen and 3 days post labor but trust this…that […]

Be-You-tifully Fit: They’re just numbers!!

I’ve learned so much on my journey.  There are a few things that I’d like to point out for people because I find them to be necessary to remember. First, food.  There is good food and there is bad food.  If it’s packaged and has a long shelf life like a lot of the diet food […]

Be-You-tifully Fit: Short & Sweet

I’ve been slacking.  It hasn’t been in the fitness or the eating but in the blogging.  I figure that’s a pretty darn good improvement since in the past I would have tossed my hands in the air and said whatever with it all when things got rough! Leaving this intro short and sweet though.  I’ll […]

Be-You-tifully Fit: Can’t catch up!

It’s been a while since my last Be-You-tifully Fit blog.    I’ve honestly been trying to keep up but I haven’t had enough time to think of something to say.  My life has been a little crazy lately.  After the 6 weeks of less than awesome lungs from the cold I had, I have been […]