Chasing my fit: “Mommy & Daddy” runners

Had some family running fun this weekend!  We went out to the Semper Fit Grand Prix’s Hampstead Kiwanis Turkey Trot 8K.  Aiden and Lilli were dressed to run in case they wanted to hop out of the strollers.  Well guess what?  They did alright!  Aiden, my 5 year old boy, ran about 2.5 miles of […]

Chasing my Fit: NSV’s are the best!

Major NSV (non-scale victory) this week…back into my high school jeans.  Ok ok ok…it’s the “fat” pair but hey!  It’s a start!  The last time I wore them was in high school and then again briefly in 2002 (the major clubbing year).  They were a pretty big deal to me though.  I never believed that […]