The Truth About Cats & Dogs

I remember first watching The truth about cats & dogs. I couldn’t help but relate to Jeanne Garofalo’s character.  All of us women are not made to look like the women displayed in the magazines.  We come in different shapes and sizes.  Our outsides are as different as our insides, but we all have the […]

Rainy Day: Save the Last Dance

As Hurricane Sandy brought the rain and winds to us here in Jacksonville, I decided to dig down into the movie book.  Thankfully, the hubby pulled in my elliptical so I could still exercise.  The countdown to the Marine Corps Ball is on and I need that dress to fit!!! Anyway, I put on Save […]

Shall we dance?

For the last two months I could not seem to find the words to honor this amazing anniversary gift from Adrian.  That may seem a little hard to believe that a blogger cannot find the words but it was more than just a simple case of writer’s block.  This journal is just too amazing for […]

A date night: BIG small Gestures

I think as a military family of five.  Adrian and I sometimes forget the value of a date night.  We get so wrapped up in our day to day.  Stack up a list of things that we need to do on the weekend.  It’s always doing or going.  I think there’s also a sense of […]