Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon

The sunrise from the balcony at the Days Inn Oceanfront in VA Beach. The 8K run from the balcony! Free swag from the Expo!!! The hubby and I with a baby photo bomb lol! Starbucks opened at 5 am for the half marathon runners! Ready to go!  Freezing…but ready! Staggered starts for the corrals…good thing […]

runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge Weekend

19.3!  19.3!  19.3 Magical Miles!  Done!  What a fun experience that was!  My mom and I completed this together…let me tell you…unforgettable experience!!!!! We started off the weekend late.  That’s right late wake-up, late car ride, late plane…late late late.  Luckily my husband, the crazy in a good way driver, got us to the expo […]

runDisney Princess Half Marathon: My Ariel

Leading up to the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge my 3 yr old decided that I should not be Snow White anymore…I should be Rapunzel.  Then as the race was about a month away, she decided that I should be Ariel.  Luckily for her, I wanted to make her smile and I didn’t have too hard […]

Meet Little Miss Hannah

Meet Miss Hannah! She was born on September 23 at 2:58 pm. On Sunday, my water began to leak and by Monday morning I was in labor.  My husband and I headed to the hospital.  I was admitted by 11:40 am and everything else happened really fast.  By 3 pm, my husband was holding her […]


September 19th marks a very special day for me. It is my runiversary. The day that I decided to stop telling myself that I would never be a runner. As children, we grow up learning and believing there are simply things that we can and cannot do. If we say something enough, we start to […]

I must admit…

I never in a million years thought… I’d be staying at home with 3 (almost 4 kids). I’d be cooking recipes way out of my comfort zone (and they’re good!). I’d opt for organic food. I’d be sewing things we need instead of buying. I’d breastfeed. I’d cloth diaper. Do you know what the old […]

Our Name Reveal!!!

The winner is Hannah Clare! We were having a tough time deciding what to choose.  The other contenders were Addison, Lexie, Charlotte and Riley. Aiden was actually the deciding factor.  He said that his new sister should be a Hannah because that sounded beautiful! How could we possibly argue with that logic? April from a.elliott […]

Daddy’s hope at restoring balance!

On January 23rd, I woke up after an odd dream.  Sleeping on my stomach (weird) and murmuring to myself, “Kaleb Cole would be a great name”.  Needless to say, I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.  Within 3 minutes a test told us to start preparing for baby #4.  I think I […]