Be-You-Tifully Fit: Taper town.

And taper has begun.  The last long run is complete.  Trying to keep the faith that all is going to go well race day but I.AM.TIRED.  This last week has been a crazy, chaotic one.  I’m on my last class and there’s been fevers, car trouble, bills & doctor/dentist appointments.  A whole bunch of crazy. […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: A block

I’ve been quiet a lot.  I think with my mileage so high, life with kids and school coming to an end…I have hit a bit of a writer’s block.  Ever felt too busy to speak?  I’ve even tried planning time to write but that falls into story times, play dates and homework.  Decided that I’m […]

3rd Fitversary!

Another year has gone by…  It’s weird now though.  Last year was a huge year filled with change (  This year a lot has changed.  I have hit a point in my weight loss that the scale tends to stay the same and the gains I’m achieving are different.  This year has been about goals […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: Fit Family

It’s pretty amazing seeing the effort you put into finding a healthy & whole way of life…in your children. We recently participated in the Sgt Lucas Pyeatt Run to Remember with 2nd Radio Battalion.  The kids decided to run the kids 1K race and to my surprise…Aiden won!  He took off pretty fast and I […]

Be You Tifully Fit: Consistency

Bleh.  Here I am.  Trucking it through the yuck of humidity.  I don’t have much to say other than that.  The struggle is definitely in full effect.  I bet a lot of people on the outside of training plans believe that the weather is only taking a toll on the physical.  Trust me.  It’s much […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: Eliminating the competition

Competition can bring out the best and the worst in people.  I think that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy running.  It’s all on me.  Like I’ve said before, only I can do what I can do and others can do only what they can do.  Competing on a race day with other runners […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: Back on the saddle

And so it begins again.  Week 1 of marathon training. This week has been pretty awesome truthfully.  I was able to help out at a Team Semper Run Semper Fi Fund team event at Spirited Art of Jacksonville.  Super excited for the Red, White & Silkies run especially because there’s a group of us locally […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: Excited, terrified & a whole lot of anxious!

It’s about to begin again!  Marathon training round 3 for marathon 4 & 5!  I have to say that I’m slightly terrified and slightly excited with a whole lot of anxious for the mind, body & soul push that it requires. I finished reading the Hanson Marathon Method book last week and have my notes […]