runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge Weekend

19.3!  19.3!  19.3 Magical Miles!  Done!  What a fun experience that was!  My mom and I completed this together…let me tell you…unforgettable experience!!!!! We started off the weekend late.  That’s right late wake-up, late car ride, late plane…late late late.  Luckily my husband, the crazy in a good way driver, got us to the expo […]

runDisney Princess Half Marathon: My Ariel

Leading up to the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge my 3 yr old decided that I should not be Snow White anymore…I should be Rapunzel.  Then as the race was about a month away, she decided that I should be Ariel.  Luckily for her, I wanted to make her smile and I didn’t have too hard […]

Chasin My Fit: BANANAS!

The last couple weeks have been bananas!  Between school, getting ready for Disney and the snow, I’ve been going on warp speed.  Not to mention I was trying to heal a tendon, shin issues and a hip flexor thing before the runs! I have an entire runDisney blog in the works about the whole experience […]

Chasing my fit: Makeover time…but not for me.

Injury has hit.  I was hoping that it wouldn’t but it did.  And it’s my own fault.  It’s always easy to give advice but not take it right?  Here I am telling people that good shoes are the world and I was holding up being fitted knowing that I have little to no arches.  Well […]

Chasing My Fit: Oh yes I did!

The search for the runDisney outfit is in full force! For the Disney Princess Half… My little Lillipie has decided that I need to be Ariel so at least the search has direction!  I’ve been making my way through pinterest and here’s some of the ones that I love.  I think I’m going to have […]

DIY Disney Countdown

It’s getting close!  We’re almost there!  AHHHH!  Honestly, I think I am more excited than the kidlets are.  Not sure they really understand where or what Disney is.  Either way…time for a quick craft for little man (who is currently obsessed with calendars) to do!   We got… a dollar store frame printed out a […]

Chasing my fit: Ending 2013

I was able to end 2013 how I started it…running!  What a journey this year has been!  In the mind frame of half marathon training, I discovered I was pregnant with my little Hannah.  Pushing through the morning sickness to keep on.  Determined to still complete my goals (with doctor approval of course).  We ran […]

Chasing My Fit: like WHOA

Whoa…so I was trying to find a Christmas present I misplaced in the closet and stumbled upon my old jeans.  They were the jeans that I bought after Isabel was born in January 2012 because my other pants were too tight.  Old Navy stretch size 16 and I was busting out of them so it’s […]

Chasing My Fit: ROAR!

I’ve been paying a little less attention to my weight fluctuation as of late. I started marathon training and I’ve been noticing increases for no “bad” reason. Honestly, I think my body is back into a big muscle building mode. Seriously though…I’m not too concerned with it! My body is making progress and I’m confident […]