Chasing my fit: Crazy? Maybe.

I have the bug.  I have it bad.  Today I am starting marathon training.  That’s right…marathon training!  Not half marathon.  I need to know where my breaking point is.  I need to challenge myself.  What better way than to do something I, myself, think is crazy? PS I broke the 180 threshold!  I had been […]

DIY Wine Cork Display

I’m a selective hoarder.  I selectively hoard things like wine bottles, greeting cards, ticket stubs…  If it has a memory to it, I keep it.  Thankfully, in the world of Pinterest I can feel like it’s been for beautiful crafting!  I got my ideas from the pins below. I simply picked up […]

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath

  I’m in love!  Fall is already one of my favorite times of year…why?  The colors!  I love love love the browns, reds, oranges and yellows.  This was certainly a labor of love for me!  I found the inspiration from Top This Top That’s blog This was my finished burlap wreath. Debating on my contrast fabrics. […]

Chasing my Fit: Almost there…

Just waiting…waiting…waiting some more!  Going bonkers!!!  Tomorrow I find out whether or not I’m cleared to get to moving again!  I have to tell you that I have been bouncing off the walls waiting.  Seeing all the shrinking back down my body has been doing has been so motivating that I am so ready to […]

DIY Wide leg pajama pants

This has been one of those “I must make!” projects!  I saw this pin ( very long ago and I almost never make something for me specifically.  Well time to get to that! I found this tutorial on Living Well Spending Less  I decided to do one thing different because of the amount of fabric I […]

DIY Pacifier Clip

 During my break in classes, I’ve had a lot of time to do some sewing for us.  It’s been quite refreshing to tell the truth.  I love being able to find something we need or could use and solving the problem (with the help of Pinterest of course LOL). The latest need we’ve had was […]

Chasing my Fit: Re-dedication

Challenging myself for the next 90 days to… Eat cleaner Go down to single digit sizes Prepare myself for the Glass Slipper Challenge in Disney! (19.3 miles in 24 hours) That’s right…19.3 in 24 hours!  I want to constantly challenge myself.  What better way to do that than working towards a 3 medal weekend at […]

Rainy Day: DIY Changing Table Cushion Cover

Rainy Day: DIY Changing Table Cushion Cover This project was not one on a whim.  This was “it’s midnight, the changing pad cover is now wet, go to grab another and realizing it doesn’t exist”!  Yep.  That was us.  When you’re preparing for a new baby, you just are not going to remember everything.  It’s […]