Winner for Giveaway Time…ROUND TWO!

The winner is… Amanda Faith Mitchell!!! Congratulations! You won a $25.00 gift certificate to my shop at Message me right away via email at to claim your prize before July 27, 2012. Gift Certificate expires 90 calendar days from today, July 14, 2012.  Any and all products and/or gift certificates won do NOT […]

5000 Fans Or Bust! Giveaway

Giveaway begins on May 1st at noon EST.  You may begin to “like” the vendors and start posting on their walls now but you must NOT comment here that you’ve done so until the official start.  EACH comment on this blog counts as ONE entry and must specify the step/entry you are completing.  You can […]

Ashley DSLR/SLR Camera Purses Giveaway

Giveaway!On February 24th at 8 PM EST, I will give away an Ashley DSLR/SLR Camera Purses. And if you don’t need/want a camera purse, I will make the Ashley purse with matching accessories! All you have to do to initially qualify is be fan and show up in my “people like this” count. The rest […]