The Road to Christmas

The time leading up to Christmas feels different this year. Aiden understands more than ever this year and continues to get Lilli excited for it.  It’s really amazing how much he carries moments because Lilli looks up to him so much. The Christmas movies have been played non-stop as well as the music too.  Our […]

Weight Loss: Lean

I know this is going to seem a little cliche but lean on me.  Right now, in this time of year it’s the hardest to stick to your guns.  It’s the hardest to get outside in the cold.  Those cookies do look tasty.  But lean on me.  Grab a cookie, you scarf and let’s go. […]

Weight Loss: Stronger today

It’s all about the simple things.  Being able to fully cross your legs when you sit without your knee hurting.  Fitting your arms into the sleeve of a shirt without having to yank at it.  Taking a picture of yourself straight on instead of up in the air because the double chin is gone.  Those […]