2 year Fitversary: My Weight Loss Journey…24 to 2!

I am going to repeat this from the My Frump to Fit: Size 24 to Size 6 blog because I feel that this is a very necessary statement. This is only my journey.  This is what worked for me.  This is not what I recommend or suggest but simply telling my story.  We are not in a […]

My Frump to Fit: Size 24 to Size 6

Before I really get into this…  This is only my journey.  This is what worked for me.  This is not what I recommend or suggest but simply telling my story.  Many people have asked me what I did, do or are doing to get my weight down.  A LOT!  Well it doesn’t feel like a […]

Fit Prego: 90 Days!

Whelp…90 days done!  At the start of this challenge, we were given the surprise of a new little one.  Since I have been traveling along a roller coaster of morning sickness, exhaustion, hypothyroidism and now a lack of motivation.  It’s not easy to keep going and especially not at full speed!  Given all that I think I […]

Fit Prego: Taking a moment.

Enter in lack of confidence.  It’s hard when you’re in the beginning of a pregnancy when you already are fighting the mental aspects of your body image.  I’m still hanging tight in my normal clothes but there’s a bump.  I’m ok with the bump.  Well I’m ok with it at home and around friends.  They […]

Fit Prego: Holy energy boost!

As the weather is starting to get nicer again, I find that spurts of energy are coming back big time!  Thank goodness for that!  I was at the point of napping 3 times throughout the day…well on a bad day.  After starting the thyroid medication, my weight hasn’t really gone up any more.  I’m hoping […]

Fit Prego: First Trimester

The difference in this pregnancy and my last one are really amazing. It seems that all the work that I have been putting into my body over the last year are really “showing” in success. I had to do it…get it? Showing in success! I crack myself up! 🙂 In these pictures… Left – 12 […]

Fit Prego: Keeping my mental in check

It’s so hard to remind yourself that you NEED to gain a little weight for the baby. You have to increase your water intake to the point you feel like you’re floating away. Indulging on little cravings are a must to keep you happy. Thankfully I’m doing a lot better this time than I was […]

Fit Prego: I’m tryin!

Now that the secret is out, I can return to my fit blogging without being ashamed of my habits. I will admit that the last few weeks have been filled with eating anything that would stay down. They have not been the healthiest of choices but sometimes you just do what you have to to […]

Weight Loss: The foodie is on the loose!

I didn’t realize it until now…but I guess I’ve had a bit of a foodie week! I never thought much before about what I was cooking or if it was that bad.  I had in the last couple years always spent the extra money on the 96-97% lean ground beef or the 99% fat free […]

Weight Loss: That Girl!

I had a doctor’s appointment this week.  I stepped on the scale and I didn’t get immediately directed to the BMI chart!  Normal looks…normal talks…not one scolding!  Some probably think I’m a nut reading that but others know what a big feat that is to conquer.  I cringed at the thought of the scale there. […]