Fit foodie: Hubby’s birthday!

Crock pot Chicken Adobo This was his choice for meal time!  We did half of the drumsticks with the skin on and the other half with the skin off to test the flavoring.  Next time…all skin off for us!  All the yummy goodness was there without it!!!   Pear Crisp (adapted from The Feed […]

At 32…

Honestly, I cannot remember where I’d said I’d be at 32.  I cannot remember what I thought I’d have accomplished.  I can say that I couldn’t have imagined where I am. So on my 32nd, I can say… I have a wonderful husband, 3 amazingly funny little ones and blessed to have a 4th on the way. […]

Izzy turns ONE!

That moment has come! Our little Isabel is ONE! Mommy and Daddy love you so much little one.  I still cannot believe that this day is already here.  It feels like only yesterday we were heading over to Nikki Glace Photography for your new born pictures in 29 Palms, CA! Now here we are across […]