Just Aiden

Aiden’s found a new fun thing to do with Daddy!  He’s been heading to the Lowe’s Build & Grow Workshops and Home Depot Kid’s Workshops. So far…he’s been able to build a Monster’s University box, Despicable Me 2 Lucy’s car AND a Toy Story Pizza Planet truck! So very proud of my little guy!!!

Busy Izzy

18 months. We’ve hit that point.  That age that I love more than anything.  It’s the moment that each of my little kidlets have attempted to communicate by leaps and bounds.  Each day is a new word or moment.  Every second she shows me a little bit more of her personality that she is growing […]

Burgaw Blueberry Festival

    We started off our weekend last week with the Burgaw Blueberry Festival 5K.       We had beautiful weather too!  A storm had come in earlier in the week.       Had an incredible time!  Tried blueberry iced tea, ice cream and some good eats!       Love seeing all […]

Izzy turns ONE!

That moment has come! Our little Isabel is ONE! Mommy and Daddy love you so much little one.  I still cannot believe that this day is already here.  It feels like only yesterday we were heading over to Nikki Glace Photography for your new born pictures in 29 Palms, CA! Now here we are across […]

Izzy’s 11 Months!

  Isabel is 11 months! Big Changes:  We have close to 8 teeth now.  It seems like every week she is cutting another one.  Thank goodness for cold veggies to gnaw on and soothe her gums. Foods:  We have gone into a full blown yogurt kick! Talky Talky:  Her giggles are everywhere!!! Loves!:  Two new […]