Amanda Courtney Photography

It has been awhile.  A while since I have posted professional pictures of my family but that is simply because we had not had them taken.  I was waiting for big moments like our 5 year wedding anniversary! My little sweetface turning one! Us celebrating how big all of our children have grown.  Aiden is […]

5 years seems so big but so small

I have had this blog open for over a month now trying to think of what I want to say.  What is there to say?  It’s much easier to find the words for the things that go wrong in life.  It’s so much easier to get caught in the upsetting things in life.  We seem […]

My Love Story: 4 years ago!

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if 6 1/2 years ago, I chose a different path.  I know they say that the unknown is always scary but I find that too scary to think of. My life would be without my best friend…without my 4 blessings…without the venture into a sewing business…without […]

No one can stop my shine!

  Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come and focus on how hard where I’m going is.  It’s hard to not stress about what’s ahead.  It’s hard to not think about how much there’s still left to do.  I’m a stresser.  That’s just simply what I do. I had to put this picture together as […]

Our night out in Houston!

Our night out… We miss out on a lot. Being hundreds of miles from our family, we very rarely are able to make it to family events. Luckily all the stars aligned and we were able to witness the marriage of one of my husband’s cousins. Since we were staying with my mom, she was […]

Our Christmas Tree & its heirlooms in the making!

 Our Christmas Tree & its heirlooms in the making! A couple years ago, we decided to change our tree decorations and tossed around a few ideas of what we can do that would be special to just us.  I love making things that are more personalized that can later be passed down.  I randomly saw […]

Shall we dance?

For the last two months I could not seem to find the words to honor this amazing anniversary gift from Adrian.  That may seem a little hard to believe that a blogger cannot find the words but it was more than just a simple case of writer’s block.  This journal is just too amazing for […]

A date night: Time to Dress!

We did it again! For people that look at life near family and/or without kids, you may not understand.  It’s hard to make time.  It’s hard to receive time.  The very first thing that I became accustomed to as a USMC spouse was that my husband is not fully mine.  He’s married to the Marine […]

A date night: BIG small Gestures

I think as a military family of five.  Adrian and I sometimes forget the value of a date night.  We get so wrapped up in our day to day.  Stack up a list of things that we need to do on the weekend.  It’s always doing or going.  I think there’s also a sense of […]

Made for my Marine

There are a lot of opinions out there regarding military spouses. There are a lot of personalities out there too. I have recently read a few blogs that really got me thinking. Mostly, it was about how I view being in the military life. Many of the wives I meet have been in it for […]