Fit Foodie: Meal Rotation

After much deliberation with the hubby, we developed a meal rotation that we can be satisfied with repeating.  It is a six week rotation with 4 set recipes within each week.  This allows us to have room for take out when a day is too crazy, leftovers if the fridge is filling up and new […]

Fit Foodie: The summer crazies

With all of the kids back together under one roof, I am hitting the summer crazy point.  We are so very close to school time and goodness does our crazy high grocery budget need it to happen like now.  I swear that all four kids have hit a growth spurt at the same time and […]

Fit Foodie: Exploring new proteins

Now that both the husband & I are training for fall races, we are trying out some new proteins and cleaner recipes.  Recently, it has been a lot of either low ingredient whey proteins or plant based proteins.  I am trying to see how each of them do when being used in recipes for regular […]

Fit Foodie: HELP! All the food must be mine.

I am struggling.  Struggling not to eat everything I see.  Granted the heavy weightlifting and running has a lot to do with that BUT it also has a lot to do with the time of year.  I love all things fresh, grilled, sweet, cheesy, garlicky…food.  Every year I go through this.  Maybe it is how […]

Fit Foodie: Meal prep for one, please

I’ve been wondering about attempting different foods lately BUT I have also been wondering about packing it all away differently too.  Generally, I pack everything away single serving to make it easier for my husband but I despise how quickly that fills the sink after only one day of him & I eating it.  I […]

Fit Foodie: Cleaning House

Time to clean house!  All of these odd ingredients need to be used!  It is driving me batty.  This past week I sat down and decided that enough was enough.  The refrigerator looked empty again which triggered the kids to ask repeatedly for everything that was not in the refrigerator. (I know you know exactly […]

Fit Foodie: All the protein

Lately I have been stumped on what to make.  We are hitting the end of the school year and with that, the end of dance class & nearing the end of baseball/t-ball season.  What this means in our kitchen?  Odd ingredients.  We have tons of menu planned recipes that were never made and random ingredients […]

Fit Foodie: Time to cram!

Time to cram…cram every single pinterest’d recipe I can into the meal prep and menu planning before July 11th.  That is when I start training for Marine Corps Marathon.  I do not like to deviate too much from my normal trusted foods while in the middle of training.  My stomach and I have suffered before […]

Fit Foodie: I am successful but boring

We have hit our crazy busy months with family life.  The kids’ extracurricular stuff is in full swing and nearing the end.  Our weeks are filled to the brim on all but one day a week and that is only for worship.  I find that the busier I get, the easier it is to cook […]

Fit Foodie: Prep Everything!

This is common prep day look for my kitchen.  I have tried to do it a little at a time but honestly, I hate having a sink full of dishes every day. When I prep, I am actually prepping for all 6 of us.  There are some items that all of us like and others […]