Be-You-Tifully Fit: Here we go!

It’s go time.  I have done all that I can do to prepare.  I have put in the training hours.  The blood.  The sweat.  The tears.  I have broke down and built back up.  Now there’s only one thing left.  Do the dang thing. As I was working on transitions in the driveway, I began […]

Fit Foodie: Gnocchi <3 <3 <3

GARLIC “GNOCCHI” I MISS PASTA!  The fight on that is so very real.  I grew up in a house that had fresh rolled spaghetti laying out on the extra twin bed.  My grandma had sauce cooking.  My pop pop would make these lemon chicken cutlets.  OH HOW I MISS ALL OF THAT!  Now being […]

Be-You-tifully Fit: Growing 

Training has been difficult this time around, but I am constantly reminding myself that is it is simply because all of this is new to me!  Sure, I can swim and bike but I could also technically run before I started couch 2 5K years ago too.  Now I am working on learning two in […]

Fit Foodie: Keto Snacks! 

NO BAKE ALMOND BUTTER BARS (LOW CARB AND GLUTEN FREE) Mint coconut butter chocolate covered fat bombs I used the recipe below except I swapped the lemon extract for mint and melted down some 85% dark chocolate to cover them with! Pork Rind Tortillas, BLT deviled eggs and the cranberry sour cream recipe […]