Be-You-Tifully Fit: Just believe.

To the girl at the gym who only sees me now…

Some days I wish I could walk around with the picture of the old me.  I wish I could show you that it was not easy.  I wish I could show you that it did not just happen when I snapped my fingers.  I wish I could sit with you when you go through the ups and the downs.  I wish I could hug you when the scale does not move.  I wish I could cry with you when those jeans still do not fit.  I wish I could high five you when you finally break through the plateau.  I wish I could celebrate over coffee when you run a little faster, lift a little heavier or simply love your reflection a little more.  I wish I could just be there for you because I know what it is like.  My body may have changed but my head remembers every last bit of it.  It is hard.  It is a long road.  It is worth it.  You are worth it.  Believe.

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