Mod Cloth…oh how perfect you are!

I have had the WORST luck with ordering clothing online to fit my body.  I figured before it was just an issue because of my weight and with the wave of a wand that would disappear as the weight came off…totally not true.  If I admitted to how much I’ve spent on clothing and the […]

Be-You-tifully Fit: Brrr!

It’s so cold!!!!  This weather is forcing much more time logged on the treadmill.  Not my favorite BUT it gets the job done without freezing my fingers off! Lately, I have been trying out a pair of Altra Provisioness 1.5s too.  Not too sure how I feel about them yet.  I haven’t been able to […]

Fit Foodie: Problem solved!

We have been using the new way I mentioned in last week’s post to handle our menu plan.  It’s been going really well!  I have been more dedicated to sticking with it because my tougher days have MUCH easier recipes.  And the new mindset is helping.  I think when I started to push into the […]

A girl and her planner: New Addition

I like pretty things.  I like organizing.  I am doomed.  In the world of planning, they are all pretty. As I posted before…  I have a long list of planners in my house.  Not out of necessity or hoarding.  Last year was the year of adjustment.  After using a little planner I picked up from […]

What’s really been going on…

I have not said anything because I did not want to believe certain things were really happening. Over the course of the last couple months, I have been experiencing little strange things.  I have hypothyroidism which I am on medication for and generally run low on iron but correct it with what we eat.  What […]

Be You Tifully Fit: #OnRestDayBePretty

The mental struggle is real!  I’m nearing the end of the training for Shamrock Marathon…the training that picked up 2 weeks after the end of OBX training which we began with group running about a month earlier to get into the groove of it all…  Point being:  I have been “training” since June 2014.  Now […]

Fit Foodie: My New Setup

My new setup…  In my search for a solution to simply being uninspired by the recipes of late, I decided to try going about this in a new way for us.  We’ve never been a rotation menu planning house.  It’s always been pick and pair recipes that I have been wanting to try off of […]

Be-You-Tifully Fit: Wondering.

Lately I have been pondering the differences in me from the OBX Marathon training to this training.  It’s only about a 6 month difference in the phases of it all but EVERYTHING in me is different.  It’s odd actually.  I remember the aches and pains.  The days I would come home after a long run […]

Fit Foodie: Making it work

We’ve changed our recent plans to only have more effort recipes on the days that marathon training or school were not overwhelming.  I have to say that we are handling the juggle well.  The balance is actually refreshing.  We’ve been able to maintain the portioned leftovers for the hubby to take to work for lunch […]