Fit Foodie: What’s cooking?

        Baked Chicken Parmesan Mom’s Apple Crisp (Weight Watchers) Baked Garlicky Shrimp over cheesy grits! Slow Cooker Beer Cheese Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

Be-You-tifully Fit: Fast Food

I have been mentally struggling a little bit with eating right and marathon training.  It took a little bit of time finding easier recipes and better solutions to “fast” food.  By fast food, I mean food that we can prepare fast.  When you’re tired, you’re tired and pizza is easy.  I’m not saying that we […]

Fit Foodie: Marathon training = crockpot cooking

   Brown Rice Horchata – aka HAPPY HUBBY!  I had no clue what this drink was when we were out at Pancho Villa and my husband ordered it.  I had been surfing around pinterest for something to make for him since he’s been handling my marathon training demands like a champ.  Once I saw Skinnytaste […]

79 Miles to Marathon

  We’ve begun to ready the approach.  This is it.  It’s the 20 mile run ahead.  The last hurtle on the road to the big day.  I wish I could explain what is going through my head with this process without sounding insane.  This entire training has been the past 14 weeks of my life. […]

Fit Foodie: NEED EASY!

This is hands down one of my favorite recipes that I have found while on this journey for so many reasons.  First off, it’s just delicious.  I come from Jersey and was raised in an Italian house.  I crave food like this with lots of pasta, cheese and sausage!  Second, it’s so filling and still […]

Amanda Courtney Photography

It has been awhile.  A while since I have posted professional pictures of my family but that is simply because we had not had them taken.  I was waiting for big moments like our 5 year wedding anniversary! My little sweetface turning one! Us celebrating how big all of our children have grown.  Aiden is […]

118 Miles to Marathon

It’s hard to believe I am that close to the big day.  It’s only about 4 weeks and 118 miles away!  I understand what people mean now about the training.  This training has been fun and such a great experience.  Undoubtedly that is because of the great people I have shared the miles with.  It […]

Fit Foodie: Mmm Bakes.

    HAM AND SAUSAGE HASH BROWN EGG BAKE   Whole Wheat Noodle Lasagna I used the same mix for the cheese as in this recipe…my goodness!  I’m loving it!!! Chicken Lazone Acorn Squash Pot Pie with Wild Rice & Almond-Thyme Cream Sauce  

Be-You-Tifully Fit: A Stand.

To say a lot has changed over my time here in Jacksonville would be severely understating things.  We came here unhappy over the state of ourselves.  Here we took a stand. I was not the only person that took this stand.  It was also my family that did.  My children learned to love the food. […]