5 years seems so big but so small

I have had this blog open for over a month now trying to think of what I want to say.  What is there to say?  It’s much easier to find the words for the things that go wrong in life.  It’s so much easier to get caught in the upsetting things in life.  We seem […]

Be-You-tifully Fit: Short & Sweet

I’ve been slacking.  It hasn’t been in the fitness or the eating but in the blogging.  I figure that’s a pretty darn good improvement since in the past I would have tossed my hands in the air and said whatever with it all when things got rough! Leaving this intro short and sweet though.  I’ll […]

Fit Foodie: Changed it all!

We started to change up the way we are menu planning and setting up our cooking schedule.  The school year is back and marathon training is in full swing so things had to change.  What are we doing?  Easy.  Nice and easy.  Simpler recipes.  Also we started to add a bit of protein variety in […]