Fit Foodie: Cooking faster

I’ve been failing lately.  Well I guess that’s still not as bad as we used to.  I just simply haven’t had the time with all of the sports, appointments and other things going on to make the more complicated meals BUT I have at least found a medium between fast and healthy!  Here’s a few […]

Chasing my Fit: Beast to Beauty

My first mud run!  I am so sore from that experience.  I did not think that a person that has overcome the soreness feeling after a half marathon could feel the soreness this much from a 5 mile mud run!  HOLY MOLEY!  I have a whole new respect for them. This was a ton of steep […]

Fit Foodie: I’m trying…

Crispy Slow Cooker Carnitas Apple Stuffed Chicken This was tasty…but more for my hubby than me.  I love savory and he loves sweet.  Either way…yum! Spicy Italian Stuffed Zucchini Boats We added Italian sweet turkey sausage to ours for some extra protein 🙂

Chasing my Fit: Rocky…rough…whew.

    So it’s been a rocky last couple weeks. I’ve been weaning the baby and seeing a chiropractor to fix the back issues that were leading to a lot of running injuries. I say rocky because if you’ve ever weaned a baby, it takes a toll of you physically and emotionally. The chiropractic care […]

My Frump to Fit: Size 24 to Size 6

Before I really get into this…  This is only my journey.  This is what worked for me.  This is not what I recommend or suggest but simply telling my story.  Many people have asked me what I did, do or are doing to get my weight down.  A LOT!  Well it doesn’t feel like a […]