Chasing my Fit: Re-dedication

Challenging myself for the next 90 days to… Eat cleaner Go down to single digit sizes Prepare myself for the Glass Slipper Challenge in Disney! (19.3 miles in 24 hours) That’s right…19.3 in 24 hours!  I want to constantly challenge myself.  What better way to do that than working towards a 3 medal weekend at […]

Rainy Day: DIY Changing Table Cushion Cover

Rainy Day: DIY Changing Table Cushion Cover This project was not one on a whim.  This was “it’s midnight, the changing pad cover is now wet, go to grab another and realizing it doesn’t exist”!  Yep.  That was us.  When you’re preparing for a new baby, you just are not going to remember everything.  It’s […]

Fit Foodie Plan: Postpartum Week 2

I’m starting the change up.  We’ve been appreciating all the wonderful meals prepared for us from friends and the spouses of my husband’s co-workers.  But now…it’s creeping up to time.  Time to head from my regular Menu Planning to a Fit Foodie plan.  Honestly, a lot will not be changing but I feel that the […]

Chasing down my Fit: Postpartum Week Two

The wait.  Nothing but waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting some more.  They were not kidding when they said that patience is a virtue.  I’m waiting to get back out on the pavement.  I’m waiting for the doctor’s “all clear”.  Just 2 more weeks to go! I’ve already begun to plan out the rest of the […]

DIY Fabric Carnation

I decided to give another bow style a try when my baby girl came to me upset that she didn’t have a bow to match with her new peasant dress I made her. It broke my heart a little so I got over to pinterest and began to search.  I needed something that dealt with […]

Meet Little Miss Hannah

Meet Miss Hannah! She was born on September 23 at 2:58 pm. On Sunday, my water began to leak and by Monday morning I was in labor.  My husband and I headed to the hospital.  I was admitted by 11:40 am and everything else happened really fast.  By 3 pm, my husband was holding her […]

Menu plan: Winging it…sorta

We haven’t been cooking too much this last week due to Miss Hannah’s arrival, but we have enjoyed some yummy homemade meals from friends!  The two that we did have the chance for… Lighter Eggplant Parmesan We made a couple substitutions to the recipe due to what we had in the house.  My sauce […]