I must admit…

I never in a million years thought… I’d be staying at home with 3 (almost 4 kids). I’d be cooking recipes way out of my comfort zone (and they’re good!). I’d opt for organic food. I’d be sewing things we need instead of buying. I’d breastfeed. I’d cloth diaper. Do you know what the old […]

Menu Planning: Baby Prep Week 1

It’s time.  It’s time to prepare for the tired road ahead of all that amazing smelling new babiness!  After my last baby prep about 2 years ago, I realized that it was simply well worth it to not have to think too hard about what to do for dinner after bringing a new baby home. […]

Nesting: Cloth Diapers AI2

I would love to say that I picked up these materials and immediately had these figured out & perfect…BUT not so much.  Now that I do have it figured out I don’t understand how I didn’t get it at first.  It’s easy though.  Everyone likes something different.  I have really taken to a cloth diaper […]

Nesting: Swaddle blanket

A while back a friend of mine asked me to make a swaddle blanket for a baby shower gift.  I had never seen one like this before but I (the worst swaddler ever!) was intrigued!  Here’s the original…  http://prudentbaby.com/2010/05/baby-kid/new-improved-diy-swaddle-blanket-2/   I made some changes to it just out of necessity and working through the thought […]

Fit Prego: Good to go

We have made it to the good to go! Still healthy and holding strong! The doctor has been testing my thyroid and the hormones with the medication seem to be doing well. Baby is doing great. It’s quite odd going from overweight pregnancies to this one. I was always kind of content and didn’t really […]

Veggie-filled eggplant parmigiana boats!

Veggie-filled eggplant parmigiana boats Ingredients 1 Eggplant 1 cup of sliced Mushrooms 2 tablespoons of minced garlic Half of an onion chopped 1 cup of fresh spinach 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped basil 2 tomatoes chopped Olive oil 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese shredded Grated Romano cheese Salt and pepper to taste Directions 1. Frying […]

Menu Planning: Last normal week!

This is the last normal week for our menu planning.  I’ve prepared our baby prep food list and next week starts the double cooking.  Friends have been helping me with their favorite crock pot or freezer friendly to put my list together.  Stay tuned! My favorite for the week… Baked Eggplant Parmesan Boats with Sausage […]

Nesting: Car seat blanket

There are so many ideas out there…so many ways to customize a certain concept.  I sat down and decided to combine a handful together to better suit our needs for a car seat blanket. Inspiration from… http://ahandmadechildhood.blogspot.com/2012/01/nesting-35-hooded-car-seat-blanket.html http://www.running-w-scissors.com/2011/03/car-seat-blanket.html http://www.imperfecthomemaking.com/2012/01/tutorial-hooded-car-seat-blankies.html My main concern with making one of these was the overheating issue we have had with […]