Menu Planning: First week…ugh!

Menu Planning…  seems easy enough, right?  My non-pregnant OCD self would tell you that it sounds like a dream!  But right now…oh boy! After attempting to sit down with some of my favorite magazine recipe torn pages, printed off recipes, recipe book and my Pinterest boards, I came up with 3 weeks worth of planning. […]

Fit Prego: Comfort is not a thing of the past!

Finding my comfort in the run again.  That sounds weird doesn’t it?  Thinking that I’m 29 weeks and yet I’m more comfortable running.  Well the secret is…happy baby when I run!  She seems to settle more throughout the day after a run.  No belly tightening.  No back cramping.  Still moving and kicking but just well…not […]

Letters to you: 29 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… The last two weeks have been exciting! We got the chance to see your sweet face and count those fingers & toes. The doctor said that we are doing great and right on schedule!  I really wonder what schedule they mean though.  Your brother and 2 sisters all believed their […]

At 32…

Honestly, I cannot remember where I’d said I’d be at 32.  I cannot remember what I thought I’d have accomplished.  I can say that I couldn’t have imagined where I am. So on my 32nd, I can say… I have a wonderful husband, 3 amazingly funny little ones and blessed to have a 4th on the way. […]