Fit Prego: Home stretch!

Third trimester…here I come!  I am so happy with the progress that I have been making!  Still under my goal by 5 pounds…in the home stretch!  Luckily I’ve never gained a lot in the final trimester.  I’m hoping that trend continues.  I’ve started walking more again now that I’m passed the weird belly button stretch […]

Letters to you: 27 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… Well Hannah, you are definitely becoming more and more active in there.  You seem to enjoy our walking and running.  The swaying motion must be relaxing you, but when I sit down to take my rest it’s your turn to get to moving again! Daddy and I picked up your […]

Burgaw Blueberry Festival

    We started off our weekend last week with the Burgaw Blueberry Festival 5K.       We had beautiful weather too!  A storm had come in earlier in the week.       Had an incredible time!  Tried blueberry iced tea, ice cream and some good eats!       Love seeing all […]

Fit Prego: Issues.

Issues…making sure my shoes are tied and my bib laying flat lol. I’m still running!  I’m hanging on as much as I possibly can with the heat.  It has been forcing me indoors more than I like but hey…baby safety is much more important.  Thankfully, the day of the Blueberry Festival 5K was beautiful weather. […]

Little bit of Upcycling!

A couple months ago I ordered a green maternity dress from Old Navy.  It was meant to match the color scheme that we had for our beach pictures which were also our pregnancy announcement pictures.  When I got it in I must say that all I really loved was the color and the length.  The […]

Fit Prego: A victory shines through!

I had a victory.  It was a victory that I never expected.  I wore a bathing suit that did not fit last year…this last weekend.  That’s right.  A bathing suit that did not fit my pre-pregnancy…pre-weight loss…pre-wakeup call body, fit my 24 weeks pregnant body!!!!  I saw the candid shots of myself after the beach […]

Making Maxis

Recently I decided that I needed to do something with these old cotton dresses I had gotten from Old Navy.  I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I seem to find a long one that I love the first or second wear is the length of its life.  The second they hit […]

Letters to you: 25 weeks

Here’s my letter to you… These last two weeks have been some of the best…well except for the sleeping little missy!  We’ve been able to have a little bit of alone time with Daddy and Izzy while Aiden & Lilli enjoyed the beach with Nanny. There hasn’t been much going on except for the stocking […]