You, me and a cup of Vi

I made it! I finished my 90 Day Challenge! In the end, I can say… 1. I’m down 22.44 pounds, gained 2.94 lean mass, and down 23.30 inches. 2. I have gone from a 41% body fat to a 33%. I honestly did not even know that I had been that bad! 3. My clothing […]

Handmade crafter’s life ain’t easy!

There have been a few things on my mind lately.  Being in the handmade shop owner community, I see a lot of happiness and a lot of drama during this time of year.  It has not been with me personally, but I do have a thing or two to say about etiquette. Please do not […]

Weight Loss: Is the END here?

It sure is for my first 90 Day Challenge!  3 Days left! This week I’ve had the awesome pleasure of chatting with people who are ready to join me.  I’m trying my best to spread the word that it is achievable.  That what you want from your weight and body should not look like an […]

Izzy’s 11 Months!

  Isabel is 11 months! Big Changes:  We have close to 8 teeth now.  It seems like every week she is cutting another one.  Thank goodness for cold veggies to gnaw on and soothe her gums. Foods:  We have gone into a full blown yogurt kick! Talky Talky:  Her giggles are everywhere!!! Loves!:  Two new […]

Deep in thought.

Over the last few days, I have not had much to say.  What is there to say? After the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, there are really no words.  I cannot imagine the shear thought of sending my baby off to a “safe” place and something so horrifying happening.  My heart weeps for those families. They […]