Weight Loss: Through the holidays…

Making it through the holidays.  A lot of people asked me why I started this journey knowing that the holiday season was coming.  The answer was simple.  When is it the hardest to not gain weight?  When it is more of the social standard to eat anything and everything?  It’s not after the New Year […]

The beauty in fresher ingredients

Over the last two months I have really been able to explore more in depth what it is like cooking with fresh ingredients. Before I saw it as “I have to wash, slice and cook something that I could simply pop in the microwave” was a waste of time and just another dirty dish. I’ve […]

I’m thankful for… Part Three

13.  I am thankful for being able to give.  We may not have much to give but that’s not what matters! 14.  I am thankful for the growth the Shop Military Spouse Made page has made.  My intentions were for it to help us all stand strong while standing behind our military spouse.  We’ve succeed […]

Izzy’s 10 months!

Isabel is 10 months! Big Changes:  We’re using sippy cups! Foods:  Absolutely loves her yogurt melts!  She starts talking and kicking every time she even sees the bag for them. Talky Talky:  She calls for Aiden, her bubby!  “bub bub bub” and stops when he walks over to her! Loves!:  The fridge magnets!  The leapfrog […]

Milspouse Made

Almost two years ago, I was sitting in my apartment in Greensboro feeling a need to do something.  I was not quite sure what.  I was searching for something.  I was searching for a way to share.  To connect.  To help. I am everything my husband needs of me for every minute he needs it […]

Weight Loss: A second slice?

Today is the day of the US Marine Corps Birthday Ball and the completion to two big goals I had.  I had two dresses that could not even attempt zipping when I started all of this.  Both are sized at 14 and now THEY FIT! It is truly an amazing feeling to know that I […]