This Week’s Instagrammy!

Definitely had to be this one!  My little kidlets decided to pull over their step stool, climb on the counter, eat an apple and watch Lazy Town through the reflection on the microwave door.  I would say only my kids…but this time…they are just like me!  AHHH!

Weight Loss: The Rewards.

The people just keep coming!  I just cannot believe how many people have told me I inspired them to get moving.  It quite literally brings tears of joy.  In a life where you’re alone a lot even knowing that people miles and miles away are going at this with you is so comforting.  I seriously […]

The English Rose’s Custom Sunshine and Gypsy Rose Pens Review

The English Rose‘s Custom Sunshine and Gypsy Rose Pens Review Description: “Custom Sunshine and Gypsy Rose Pens” Review: In my newest journey of returning to school, I was searching for something fun to write with.  I find that it’s a mini obsession of mine.  A good, cute writing utensil sometimes helps the thoughts just flow onto […]

My genes are catching up to me

I thought that I just might be able to escape the fear of a few family problems.  Does not seem to be the future for me though.  As part of my trying to get healthy, I went and had a full physical & fasting blood draw.  For those who know me well, that means a […]

Recipe Fusion

  Sometimes the best creations come from many sources of inspiration!  We had lemon garlic chicken with panko crusted asparagus over parmesan couscous. Lemon Garlic Chicken kabobs. Crispy parmesan asparagus sticks. Chicken & Asparagus Penne    

Day at Mike’s Farm!

This is really one of our whole family’s favorite times of the year! Being a Jersey girl, I love the cold & season change!  Aiden has grown to love pumpkins just like me. Lilli is following after everything her big bubby does. And you know that she couldn’t just get one!

Izzy’s 9 months!

Isabel is 9 months! Big Changes:  She’s everywhere!  And a mommy’s girl for sure! Foods:  Thanks to Bubby and Sissy we have tried all kinds of things that we shouldn’t have.  Luckily, no allergic reactions!!!  Loves goldfish and yogurt melts!! Talky Talky:  Izzy is still all about “ma ma” and I am loving it!!! Loves!: […]