Word Board’s 4 Duty Stations- Home Is Where the Military Sends Us Sign’s Review

Word Board’s 4 Duty Stations- Home Is Where the Military Sends Us Sign’s Review


“The perfect sign for the military family! The Home sign is customized to your branch of service and your duty stations.  The sign measures 3.5″x12″, with the duty stations measuring 2.5″x12″. Signs are connected with eye & s hooks. All lettering and milestone markers are hand painted.”


I love having various decor in our house showing the hubby’s Marine Corp journey.  We have been to 3 different places as a family so far and I wanted a way to show where we’ve been.  But there’s a problem with that thought.  We aren’t done with our journey yet.  I had found the Word Board’s signs through the Homefront Team’s holiday Facebook sale.  It was utter perfection.  I even bought one for my step dad’s office to display his journey through the 20 years in the USAF.  When we received everything in, I was beyond pleased.  At that moment we had only bought a sign with 2 duty stations.  Well, I just went back and snagged the other 2.  Oh AND in the move, we must have lost one of our “S” hooks and she was kind enough to send extras!  Great quality!  Great customer service!  Great! Great!  Grrrrrreat!  (Sorry I had to do that lol)  I highly recommend!



Please note that I have not been paid or received free goods for this product review. I have not been asked to write this either. This has been done on my own with a product I chose to purchase from my pledge to buy homemade.

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  1. This is really cute. I see them a lot at a lot of craft shows. I think ours would be very short! LOL….he has been here, Michigan and here. Of course, he has moved around while here, like to SOTG and whatnot, but it is all Camp Lejeune, so I think that it would look weird! Right??? Anyways, do you tell them what you want and they just stencil it on there for you? Im getting a new Cameo Silhouette to replace my Cricut since I dont have a ton of cartridges (never wanted to invest the $$) and the programs that I used to use with it (SCAL & MTC) are no longer allowed to function with it =(

    Im excited…..Im going to be doing some vinyl work, so if you ever need anything or know anyone who may, let me know! Im going to post a photo on Facebook soon for a design that I made that I cant wait to put on a frame!!!

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