Lamp Love

I know what you’re going to say “a lamp?”.  Yes, a lamp.  A beautiful perfect lamp.

When I first saw this lamp on, I was not that impressed.  The picture seemed to elongate the drum shade and the silver finish looked dull.  Honestly, I was going to turn down the idea of it all together but I figured maybe just maybe in the store it might shine.  It did!  It had me at $68.99.  All other comparable lamps I found where in the $100 range and did not include the lamp shade.  And now the lighting in the living room is perfect!  Slow and steady decorating = perfection!

4 Replies to “Lamp Love”

  1. Bet that makes reading MUCH more enjoyable!

    1. Oh it does! I never bothered spending a ton on lighting before but man…I was missing out!

  2. It’s interesting, to me at least, how much a room can change simply by adjusting the light. Not only the lamp, which is a big factor, of course, but the type of bulb (incandescent vs. warm fluorescent vs. cold fluorescent, etc.), the brightness, direct vs. indirect, etc.. Lighting is one of those things I don’t think about at all until it changes.

    1. Well thank you! My eyes feel the difference. I wear glasses but my vision is only 20/10. It’s mostly because I have astigmatism. I find the less brutal the lighting while I’m trying to get through something, the less headaches. So if it costs me $69 for a handful less of those…I see that as a bargain! Plus, it looks pretty lol

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