DIY Remote Control Holder

  DIY Remote Control Holder I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that I always lose the remote.  Well I’ve always lost the remote.  It progressively got worse after kids.  Why do kids think that remotes are toy phones?  Ok…off track but yah. I was having trouble finding a basic holder to make, so […]


I saw this super cute idea on pinterest and had to just go for it!  One of my best friends is about to give birth to a little girl and well…big brothers need love too!  I can’t wait till little man gets it!!! Here’s the links 🙂

DIY: Toilet Paper Holder

Spare Toilet Paper Holder I followed this tutorial link after finding it on Pinterest.  This is the perfect add to the bathrooms in this house. Hidden extra toilet paper = no toddler TPing the house! Loved it so much made a second one for the main bathroom 🙂

A Mexican kind of weekend (Recipes included)

Recently, I had been seeing a lot of recipes for different types of food with Mexican seasoning.  Needless to say that my stomach rumblings got the best of me.  I sat down Thursday night and tried to come up with one meal and wouldn’t you know it…I came up with three.   This is the […]