6 Months Old!

Isabel is 6 months old!!!
Appetite:  Healthy as always!  We are still breastfeeding successfully.  I had to take a mommy break here and there with a little bit of formula but now I’m back.  Over the last couple weeks she’s started eating some cereals.  I’m going through the same process of clearing foods for allergy purpose.  Rice – done.  Oatmeal – done.  Barley – done.  Whole Wheat – up next!
Milestones:  Isabel is sitting supported and a little unsupported exercising.  She’s a babbler full force now!  No teeth yet but definitely teething.  Not even a little swollen gum so I’m thinking she’ll get them later on like Lilli did.  She’s rolling both ways and perfected the belly 360!  I can see that she’s in the very early phases of learning crawling…the curl up.  You know…when they’re on their belly and curl their arms & legs under them trying to get the strength to push up.
Sleep:  She’s sleeping a solid 2 hour nap everyday and from about 8 PM to 6 AM every night.
Loves:  Veggie tales Silly Songs & her bubby, Aiden

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  1. I'm jealous she is sleeping from 8-6. Does she take a paci? I feel like Andrew wakes up just so I can put it back in (at 12, 3, and 6) ahh! So different than Rylie.

  2. She does but kind of takes it and then spits it out. Doesn't seem to be hooked on it. Thank goodness too! Lilli was our paci baby and she was just like that. I definitely have felt that pain!

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