Curtain Fix Up

We bought these curtains not allowing for the height of the rod being placed 6″ above the window.  The fabric was perfect though so I did the only thing I could think of…add a little umph with a little length! I took about 15″ of material by the width of the curtain and sewed it […]

DIY Pinwheel Bow

DIY Pinwheel bow I haven’t found the perfect center quite yet but isn’t it the cutest?  I could kick myself for not seeing how easy it was before!!! Different size ribbon and desired look will change the amount needed and the length of the row.  Larger width ribbon in shorter rows give the look of […]

DIY Baby-on-the-go Bags!

Now that we’re a family of 5 I find that I am horrible at being prepared while out of the house.  You would think that is a simple enough task, but I always seem to forget something.  And it’s always one of the important things like…Izzy’s diapers, my license, change of clothes for Aiden or […]

6 Months Old!

Isabel is 6 months old!!! Appetite:  Healthy as always!  We are still breastfeeding successfully.  I had to take a mommy break here and there with a little bit of formula but now I’m back.  Over the last couple weeks she’s started eating some cereals.  I’m going through the same process of clearing foods for allergy […]

Winner for Giveaway Time…ROUND TWO!

The winner is… Amanda Faith Mitchell!!! Congratulations! You won a $25.00 gift certificate to my shop at Message me right away via email at to claim your prize before July 27, 2012. Gift Certificate expires 90 calendar days from today, July 14, 2012.  Any and all products and/or gift certificates won do NOT […]