Week 2: Weight loss

Same weight but down 6 inches!  Just goes to show you that your scale isn’t necessarily your friend even when you’re trying to get healthy.     Now I haven’t been the greatest regarding my foods that I’m eating BUT I haven’t been the worst either!  For me it’s a slow process.  I need it […]

Feelin Stripey DIY: Painting Stripes

Not sure why I felt the need for this…I think it probably had to do with years of renting and not being able to paint at all! Overall this wasn’t as hard of a project as I originally expected it to be.  I went through and measured a test section to decide on how big […]

Closet help is here!!! DIY: Closet Separators

Closet help is here!!! I know that I am not the only person out there that totally feels overwhelmed by the first two years of baby clothes.  Whether its all the sale hunting, passing down from an older sibling or grandparent’s shopping sprees…there’s a crazy amount of clothes EVERYWHERE!  And with every child growing at […]

Becoming Homeowners (Crosby Real Estate)

We did it!  With lots and lots of help from Donna Crosby, Crosby Real Estate Group though. Never in a million years would I have imagined that buying a home across the nation to be easy.  I mean seriously…I have issues buying a pair of shoes without being able to try them on so how […]

Housewarming Party Goodies

I just wanted to share with all of you the goodies I found from Pinterest to make for the housewarming party yesterday!  These are definitely keepers in my book!!!   Summer Peach Sangria      http://pizzazzerie.com/recipes/recipes-summer-sips/   Blueberry, Regular & Raspberry Lemonade in mason jars     Here was our one table setup with…   […]

Weight Loss: First comes honesty

For the last decade I have lived in a bigger body than I really enjoy to.  Through the start and fall of my first marriage to meeting my husband to having 3 beautiful kidlets…food has always stayed by my side.  I wouldn’t trade the experiences of the last decade for anything.  I just want the […]