DIY Colored Vase

DIY Colored Vase It’s so hard to find that perfect shade for your home decor sometime but easy as pie for your walls, right?  Well think about it…combine the two elements and there you go.  Problem solved! I went out to Lowe’s and Walmart for this one for 2 sample paint mixes and 2 vases. […]

DIY House Rules

DIY House Rules I bought this frame a while back with all intentions of making something I had found on Pinterest with a weekly planning area  But as I was decorating the house I felt like it wouldn’t work that well for us compared to our monthly planning dry erase board.  So here I was […]

DIY Heart Collage

Heart Collage Here it is…  The reason I needed to find 23 black picture frames.   When I was staring at this wall that was across from my bed I couldn’t quite grasp what should be there.  My husband and I tried hanging a handful of different pictures of different sizes and nothing was working. […]

The winner of the giveaway is…

The winner of the giveaway is Elizabeth Wilson! Congratulations!  You won a $25.00 gift certificate to my shop at  Message me right away via email at to claim your prize before July 6, 2012. Gift Certificate expires 90 calendar days from today, June 23, 2012.   Any and all products and/or gift certificates […]

DIY: Styling Up a Bookcase

DIY: Styling Up a Bookcase I am in love with this style bookcase!  I cannot say that enough.  BUT to me in my OCD neat freakness, there’s a flaw.  The open back.  Open backs mean visible cords.  Visible cords mean messy looking.  Can’t stand messy looking!  I know I do go a little over board. […]

Zig Zagging It! DIY: Painting Zig Zags

Apparently I didn’t get my fill after painting the stripes in the girls’ room.  Well that and Aiden really wanted a dinosaur stripe.  Did you know that chevrons are like dinosaurs because that’s news to me lol?  So here goes. Buy a laser line level.  Yes, they are a little expensive but if you are […]

Neatly hung pictures hold the extra holes!

This was most definitely worth the extra step. Trace out the pictures onto drawing paper from the kids easel Hang using the painters tape (to not pull up any paint) Find the positioning that you enjoy the most Mark where the holes need to go on the paper for easy drilling or nailing Rip away […]