Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

While thinking of what to write today I couldn’t seem to narrow down my thoughts.  I wanted to be overjoyed and share our home buying experience.  Maybe share pictures of Isabel now sitting up and rolling over.  Maybe rave about a product I was fortunate to have found.  But then it hit me.  There’s something that trumps all of that.  It’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

I have been side by side with my Marine for 5 1/2 years now.  Timing has been amazing for us.  He’s been able to be here and witness all 3 of our children being born.  He has not deployed.  He’s only been gone for maybe 6 weeks at the most.  I’m one of the lucky ones for those reasons.  It’s funny what I consider “lucky”.  A lot of people out there consider some of the most common day to day events “lucky”.  There’s nothing wrong with it either.  We each have our own hardships to bear.  My big issue may be too big for someone else or on the flip side nothing to another.  Trust me…there’s no judgement meant.  I consider myself “lucky” because I have my husband.  I have him in one piece.  I chose my life not because I wanted to support the military but because I fell in love with the man under the uniform.  It hasn’t been easy and I don’t imagine that it’s going to get any easier, but I don’t think twice.  As long as he is on the earth I will do anything else he needs or asks of me.  And I will pray everyday that he walks back in that door.

This life is not the easiest path to take.  Not sure how well I would have made to this point without the other wives.  They are my family while away from my own family.  They are some of the most amazingly strong people I have ever met.  Sure we all complain.  Who says you can’t?  It’s healthy.  But we all wake up and continue to do what we must.

Be sure to take a moment today and appreciate the women & men that stay here on the home front handling everything so that our brave women & men can do what our country asks of them.  And thank you ladies!  You are my crutch!  I love you!

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