Finding my style

Buying a house definitely brought me as a stylist and artist to a new challenge. It’s such a big space to deal with…and still empty! You would think that I’d simply be able to walk in and decide colors, prints and get down to it. But that’s not the case at all! I feel overwhelmed […]

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day While thinking of what to write today I couldn’t seem to narrow down my thoughts.  I wanted to be overjoyed and share our home buying experience.  Maybe share pictures of Isabel now sitting up and rolling over.  Maybe rave about a product I was fortunate to have found.  But then it […]

Finally! (Bow Board)

I have fixed Lilli’s bow board! I had done the diagonal ribbons before. Honestly it really didn’t look bad but it wasn’t great either. Now I’m not knocking the memory board style but man does this look so much better! Taking a step back to look at it… I think it is the color mix/contrast.

DIY Hands Down

Father’s Day I know it’s still a little ways off but when we sat down to do Aiden’s handprint picture for his mom mom I figured no sense in letting a good mess go to waste! I found this one on pinterest. These are so simple and cheap but priceless at the same time. […]