Prejean’s is actually the very first restaurant my hubby and I ever went to here in Louisiana. At the time I had never had Cajun food, my Jersey taste buds definitely never had anything even close. Well now it’s been a must stop every time we come visit!

Today I had the crawfish platter. Crawfish bisque, fried crawfish salad, crawfish étouffée, fried crawfish with fries and corn macque choux. I think that was everything…not totally sure. But I can say this. The hubs had Alligator Gran Chenier. We had very happy bellies!


2 Replies to “Mmm…Prejean’s!!!”

  1. Man that looks good… I have never had Crawfish. Or alligator. Or catfish for that matter… All in the "To eat someday" list.

  2. I've had crawfish, alligator, frog and catfish. Depending on where and how it's cooked…amazing! Adrian cracks me up though. Swears everything tastes like chicken lol!

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