Vendor Apron

Vendor Apron
I have been wanting to make myself a vendor/sewing apron for a long while now.  It has everything that I could think of needing all in one space…zipper pocket, small pocket, 2 large pockets and a clasp for keys.  I can fit a sales book, scissors, pens, notepad…you name it!  So in love with it!!!
Cooking Apron
Also I thought it was just about time.  With all the cooking and baking that little man and I have been doing the flour on my shirts needs to go bye bye lol.

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  1. Love that vendor apron – I'm amazed that you can get sewing done being so pregnant! And a bit jealous, since I was lazy the last leg of my pregnancy!

  2. Oh trust me I have some serious lazy moments lol! I'm just trying to keep up and moving in hopes that it will help move things along.

  3. LOVE your vendor apron, the colors is what caught me! Im Your newest follower! You can follow back at:

  4. Heading on over =) And many thanks!

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