♥ 30 Weeks ♥

10 weeks left!  Final Stretch!  We have been pretty excited here getting ready for the baby..even Aiden.  He keeps telling Lilli that there’s a baby in mommy’s belly and her name is “Is-A-Bel”.  I never thought it but at only 3 1/2 years old he has been a massive help.  Grabs snacks or drinks down […]

Face Time & Monogrammed Art

And we finally were able to see a little more of Baby Isabel’s beautiful little face!  Not to mention this was Daddy’s first time being there for an actual medical ultrasound.  He’s only been able to attend one prior but it was one we had to setup separate during my pregnancy with Lilli for a […]

DIY Butterfly Mobile

In preparation for Baby Isabel, I have searched out a few beautiful items that I knew I could give a go! Butterfly Mobile After picking up a few items at Joann’s and a few hours of work this is the finished product! Items needed  Wooden ring 2 organza ribbon spools Clear thread Butterfly paper punch […]

♥ 28 Weeks ♥

We have finally made it to the third trimester!!!  Everything is becoming very real very quickly with this pregnancy.  Also, after three different confirmations that this baby is indeed a girl Daddy has begun to accept that he has his little man and will have 2 princesses. Here she is again!  Baby Isabel Noelle…and her […]

DIY Rag Wreath

Finished this camo wreath in about 2 hours!  I absolutely love love love it!  I have been staring at these beautiful wreaths for almost a year now.  So happy to finally have found the time to do it!  It’s the absolute perfect way to show our support & love as a proud Marine Corps family. […]