CYBER MONDAY AUCTION!!!! All items posted herehave the bidding starting at 60-70% off its normal price!!!   This auction will be going for Monday and Tuesday. All PayPal invoices will be sent Wednesday morning. Once the payment goes through all items will go out the very next working day!!!! Happy Bidding!!! Please note that if […]

“A NMC Christmas” Finale

The games are over and the prizes have been revealed! If you have won a prize, please contact me before 12/31/2010 to cash it in!   Now on to the Black Friday Finale Sale!!!   I have priced over 60 items between 10-40% off.   At random moments I will be posting on the event […]

Halfway Through My First Year!!!

543 SALES!!!!   That’s 221 items in one month!!!!! I thank you all soooo much! This is really a blessing!   My favs for the month were…   Reusable Snack/Sandwich Pouches     This was a project that was all new to me. A lovely mama or 3 had contacted me about making these for […]

What an investment!!! ♥ Jody Gall Photography!

You may have seen me mention Jody Gall Photography a bunch of times…but I don’t care so here’s a bunch plus one. She’s worth every bit of it!   I first found Jody Gall Photography back in January 2010 I believe. I was on the hunt for amazing newborn photos for Lillibug since I was […]

♥♥♥ Twenty Five Design!!! ♥♥♥

I recently purchased these amazing headbands!   I had been looking for something that helped me accessorize when I was all done up, but also helped me when I was running out and didn’t get the chance to do anything…but didn’t totally look it!   The designs…the prices…the selection!! She is amazing!   Twenty Five […]

“A NMC Christmas” Giveaway

Starting Sunday, we are going to all play games to celebrate “A NMC Christmas”!!! This was unlocked by helping me reach 500 sales before my 6 month shop anniversary!!!   Each day leading up to the Black Friday will have a game and a winner! Possible prizes total up to $100.00 worth of goodies or […]

Happy Holiday Giveaway!

With the holidays approaching fast, I want to setup a cool way that we can have something to give the guys and gals overseas! For all they do for us, I want to be sure that even though they miss the holidays with their loved ones they know that they are still in all of […]