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Here’s my newest obsession…

I ordered from this fellow mama after seeing treats posted on an Etsy promotion forum and Facebook. I have to be so careful when I try different skin care items but I have found everything I want and need here. First I purchased her samples of Chocolate Truffle Brown Sugar Scrub and Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Slush Body Buff along with a set of Autism Awareness Puzzle Soaps for my 2 year old.
When my order came in everything was so packaged so cute! Aiden had a blast playing in the tub after not wanting to bathe meltdowns. Then I tried my new goodies…they were amazing. The scrubs made my skin feel so very soft and the scents gave you a spa at home feeling!
So I went back and had to have more! Just recently I got my Sweet Pumpkin Sugar Scrub – Vegan Body Polish in. I would fight you for my beautiful, wonderful jar of greatness. Not to mention…I bought 5 Pack Lip Balms – You CHOOSE YOUR FLAVORS – Luscious Lip Tweets (TM) – Glossy All Natural Vegan Lip Balm. OH MY GOODNESS! The Coconut Cream Pie…Crème de Menthe…French Vanilla…Iced Pineapple & Tangerine…Pumpkin Cheesecake… I actually carry all of them with me in my purse and use them with my mood of that time applying.
It’s bad…but so very good!

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  1. Thanks so much, Nicole! I'm so glad you're enjoying my line!

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