“I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations” Word Game Giveaway!

Here it is folks. The giveaway I promised when I reached 300 fans.
The key to it all is “I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations”.
There’s a few things I want from you. First, I want to see what’s the biggest word you can come up with from “I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations”. Winner will get a special made shopping bag and coupon/money holder ($18.50 value) pictured here. Second, my hubby and I will each pick a word that we each find to be our favorites. Those two winners will receive $5.00 gift certificates to Nicole Michelle’s Creations!
The terms…
  • This game will run from noon (EST) Friday, July 30 to noon (EST) Friday, August 6th.
  • The first person to post a certain word gets the credit for it. And that word can not be posted again.
  • It must be an actual word in English in the Webster’s Dictionary.
  • You can only post one word per day so be sure to post wisely.
  • Refer a friend to play. Have them type “Referred by ____” and their word. If they win with the biggest word, you will also win a $5.00 gift certificate to Nicole Michelle’s Creations!
  • No purchase necessary to play.
Have fun!!!!

22 Replies to ““I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations” Word Game Giveaway!”

  1. COENAMOR (to inflame with mutual love)

  2. Secretions – (in a cell or gland) the act or process of separating, elaborating, and releasing a substance that fulfills some function within the organism or undergoes excretion.

  3. microeinsteins – a way of measuring lightHeather Santos

  4. neoconservatism:an aproach to politics or theologynikol ocampo

  5. SAINTS(Who dat!!!)

  6. Acersecomic (n.) one whose hair has never been cut.Heather Santos

  7. Sarah Esquivelhemerocallises

  8. convalescences Sarah E.

  9. Sylvia Esquivel Versailles

  10. cliometricians Sarah E.

  11. Some say SMILES is the longest word because there is a MILE between the first and last letters!Dave E.

  12. The game is officially come to its end! Once the hubby gets home I'll announce the winners!!!

  13. And the winners are… The biggest word and winner of the bag and money holder is Nikol Ocampo!!! The hubby's favorite word title and $5.00 gift certificate goes to David Edenzon! My favorite word and $5.00 gift certificate goes Michele Carroll!

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