“I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations” Word Game Giveaway!

Here it is folks. The giveaway I promised when I reached 300 fans.   The key to it all is “I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations”.   There’s a few things I want from you. First, I want to see what’s the biggest word you can come up with from “I love Nicole Michelle’s Creations”. Winner […]

“Let me see your NMC” Giveaway!

To all of my previous and new customers, let’s see the pictures! Snap a pic of you(or your babies) with your NMC and post it on my Facebook wall to enter this giveaway. We are going to run this round of this giveaway till Halloween to give everyone a chance. The prize for this one? […]

Two Months Down!!!

40 Sales!!!   Hands down…this was my favorite sold item of the month. Not to mention a entirely new product too! I was down in Louisiana visiting my mom when I finally sat and designed the pattern. It’s something I had been dying to do, so it just seemed like the perfect time.   This […]

Introduction to everything!

      Hello! I am a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful children. I am married to the love of my life and my best friend, Adrian. He is a US Marine which gives me a lot of time to play around with so many fun projects.   I first started sewing in […]